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Our club was started on October 27, 1976, with 7 mothers. We now have more than 100 members and encourage anyone new to the Midlands of South Carolina, or new to welcoming multiples into your family, to join us. We are a non-profit organization and provide an opportunity for members and visitors to meet and discuss subjects of special interest to parents of multiple births.

All parents of multiples are welcome! A parent can earn the most benefits by joining during pregnancy or as soon as he or she learns about the club. 


Our club meets the second Monday of each month at Virginia Wingard United Methodist Church at 7:00pm The July meeting is held at a local restaurant. 


We are a member club of Multiples of America (formerly NOMOTC), and the Palmetto State Parents of Multiples.

The club has more than 100 members. Our membership varies widely and includes parents representing multiples of all ages, adoptive parents and parents of two sets of multiples!


Minimal annual dues provide membership in the local club, the Palmetto State Parents of Multiples and the national organization, Multiples of America. Currently, dues are $25 per year, collected in August. It's easy to join The MoM Club!

Member Benefits

As a member of the MoM Club, you will receive many benefits, the biggest of all being support and friendship! Here are some of our many other membership benefits:

  • Playgroups

  • Family Outings

  • Mom’s Night Out

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Community Service Projects

  • Informative guest speakers

  • Ability to buy and sell items twice a year at the M.O.M. Consignment Sale

  • Monthly local newsletter

  • Monthly updates and quarterly news from Multiples of America

  • Free loans from our club library and preemie clothing closet

  • Leadership opportunities chairing a committee or activity, or serving on the executive board

What our members say:

I joined the club when I was pregnant and I couldn’t have survived the first few years without the Twins Club! I’ve made great friends and have been given so much support. 
~ Jeanette, 2-year-old boy/girl twins


Through this club, I have made many friendships, received invaluable advice and had one night to myself almost every month.  I also love our consignment sales, because they give me a way to make money for the kids’ used clothes and toys and buy lots more at great prices!
~ Mary Addison, 1-year old boy/girl twins


This club has been a great way for me to get out every once in a while and enjoy adult friendships. The meetings and Mom’s Night Outs are two of the highlights of my month. 
~Cynthia, 3-year-old girl/girl twins


My twins were born very early and I was glad to have the support of other moms who shared the NICU experience. Talking to moms who had “been there, done that” and seeing how well their twins were doing was very encouraging. The preemie closet is also a great resource. 
~Kimberly, 4-year-old boy/boy twins


My boys are 18 now, and I’ve been involved in the club since I was pregnant. I’ve loved getting to know so many other parents of multiples through the years, offering support to younger moms and getting help myself when needed! 
~Rosemary, 18-year-old boy/boy twins

Member Benefits
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